Audivi Vocem Conductors Choir is an annual Summer Institute offering educational choral leadership opportunities to excelling undergraduate students interested in a career involving choral conducting.
Due to the Covid19 Pandemic, and our concern for our community, Audivi Vocem will not be holding our 2021 Summer Institute and will resume our activities in Summer 2022. We encourage all interested applicants to check back for updates. 

"Audivi Vocem has truly been an amazing experience. I've had the chance to take what I've learned from the classroom and experiment in a safe environment to see where my strengths are and evaluate the areas that need improvement. Audivi Vocem makes hands-on experience more accessible for the undergrads. It's because of my first performance with Audivi Vocem that I am more excited than ever about conducting and now I want to pursue a masters in choral conducting because of this program."

                                                                     -A. Esposito


"I've been fortunate enough to participate in AV for the past two summers and it has given me opportunities I never would have gotten anywhere else. The challenge empowered me to grow an enormous amount. I hope more and more undergraduate conductors can get this opportunity!"

                               -S. Feldman