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Singing with Audivi Vocem

Singing provides our future music educators with the most essential aspect of our organization: active choir members. In the past, our ensembles have ranged from 45-65 members and have been comprised of local professional singers, volunteer singers, church choir musicians, community choir musicians and high school musicians. 

Community members with choral experience are welcome. Sight-reading skills and patience with young conductors are required. All scores and rehearsal CDs are provided. Volunteers are expected to be present at all rehearsals. 

Rehearsals traditionally meet 3-4 nights per week during a 3 week period. These rehearsals are 2 hours long. In addition, singers are able to attend and participate in group lectures and activities led by our Guest Clinicians. Previous lectures have included insider reflections from Grammy Winning conductor, Jerry Blackstone, and words of inspiration by the world's most popular Choral Guest Clinician:  James Jordan.

Volunteering in other ways

Just as important as singing is the need for assistance regarding marketing! Please consider assisting us with your time and talents, please email us at


Donations and Gift Giving

If you are interested in helping us as we strive to provide our future music educators with needed experience, our gift giving page is under renovation but will be  available soon with information about making a tax deductible donation. 


High School Singers

Excelling high school singers are encouraged to apply for our ensembles. This is a fantastic opportunity to interact with world-renowned guest clinicians. You must have strong sight-reading skills and choral experience.  A letter of reference from your choir director or music teacher will be required. 

Clinician Masterclasses & Lectures

Three rehearsals will be directed by clinicians assisting our conductors for each choir. For the dates of the clinician visits, please visit the Clinician section of our Guest Artist Page. Each clinician will also provide a one hour lecture to our conductors, which is  also open to volunteer singers and their families. Lectures will take place 60 minutes prior to rehearsal on the date of their scheduled visit. 


2022 Concert & Rehearsals

Please check back in 2023 for further details. 

Locations and Parking

Location details are provided in the months prior to our first rehearsal. For 2023 details, please check back.

Need more details? Contact us

Email us at or find us on Facebook!

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