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                                            Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates for this program?

  • Summer 2023 will take place in July 2023, please check back for specific dates. 

I'm a beginner. Is this program a good choice for me?

  • Arizona State University students and local music educators with minimal coursework in conducting are welcome.

Why should I participate in a conducting institute?

  • In a recent survey of 63 professional conductors (including high school directors, church musicians, college professors and professional ensemble leaders): 83% stated that they attended a conducting institute or symposium while in undergrad, and that they benefited from this experience.

What is the cost of this program?

  • Please check back at a later date for this information. 

Are Housing Options Available?

  • Please check back at a later date for this information. 

What will I be doing as a conductor for Audivi Vocem?

  • Participate in master classes and lectures designed to develop skills

  • Participate in activities designed to help your rehearsal technique and communication skills

  • Develop lesson plans with the help of our Artistic Staff, and a gestural pallet with the help of our Guest Clinicians

  • Rehearse the choir under the guidance of our Staff and Guest Clinicians

  • Conduct the choir in your final performance

How do I go from conducting classes to actually leading a choir?

  • Our Artistic Staff members are present during all rehearsals. You are able to stop your rehearsal at any time and to ask for help. We will then guide you through a logical approach to your rehearsal, based on your own preparations and score study. 

How does this help with student teaching?

  • Audivi Vocem Conductors Choir provides you with podium experience which will boost your confidence and your understanding of interaction with a choir. This will greatly enhance your students teaching experience as you will spend less time becoming familiar with choral leadership, and more time understanding how to create incredible music with your students. 





Student Conductor Information

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